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The Galvanize Foundation, a 501(c)(3), exists to make opportunities in technology available to all those with aptitude, drive, and determination – not just those who went to the right school and got the right degree. We develop and administer scholarship programs with mission-aligned partners to help students pay for the skills training they need to enter the technology workforce. Specifically, we award scholarships to attend Galvanize software engineering courses.

What We Fund

We award scholarships to underrepresented populations in technology. We value diverse life experiences and educational backgrounds. Our goal is to make immersive tech training more financially accessible for all qualified students. 


We partner with mission-driven organizations to award scholarships to Galvanize students throughout the year. Scholarships are available for students who identify as:

  • BIPOC (Black/indigenous/person of color)

  • Formerly incarcerated persons


  • Persons with disabilities

  • Persons over age 40

  • Veterans

  • Women


How We Work

We support programs that create measurable, transformative individual outcomes. We measure success by the number of lives we transform, and our student placement data speaks for itself. Galvanize is an outcomes-focused technology training school whose graduates have a proven track record of successfully transitioning from classroom to workforce. For each scholarship recipient, we track job placement rate and starting salary after program completion, and compare that with pre-program data.

Our Mission

Get Involved

We're always looking to forge new partnerships to enable us to scale our impact. Interested in partnering with us, sponsoring a scholarship, or learning more about our work? We’d love to talk to you!

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