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Galvanize Scholarship


We believe education should be accessible to everyone, and to honor that commitment, we offer scholarships for Hack Reactor Coding Bootcamps offered by Galvanize to students who identify as an underrepresented minority in tech.


What does the scholarship cover?

  • The full cost of tuition to a Hack Reactor Coding Bootcamp

Which programs are eligible?


Who is eligible?


  • Individuals who identify as belonging to one or more groups that are historically underrepresented in the tech industry, including: BIPOC (Black/indigenous/person of color), formerly incarcerated persons, LGBTQIA+, persons with disabilities, persons over age 40, veterans, and women

  • U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents, authorized to work in the U.S., and of 18 years of age or older


The Foundation currently offers Galvanize scholarships sponsored by donors with additional eligibility requirements:

  • The Galvanize Scholarship sponsored by Girls In Tech - Phoenix is for women who are enrolled in the 19-week program and who reside in the Greater Phoenix area. Recipients will be asked to volunteer with Girls in Tech - Phoenix for 6 months as a condition of accepting this scholarship. Applicants who reside in the Greater Phoenix area will be automatically considered for this scholarship.

  • An anonymous donor has contributed a scholarship for an individual who is enrolled in the 19-week program and who is interested in pursuing a career in entrepreneurship or startups. If you wish to be considered for this scholarship, please indicate in at least one application response question that you are interested in entrepreneurship. Be as specific as possible.


Recipients of either of these sponsored scholarships must meet all other eligibility and enrollment process milestones associated with the Galvanize scholarship as described on this page to be eligible. Apply by March 31, 2024.

Where do I need to be in the enrollment process?

  • Applications will only be considered for those who have met the following admissions requirements:

    • By the Scholarship Application Deadline;

      • You have passed the Aptitude Test, and 

      • You have an active/open application for a cohort starting after the Award Date.  

    • Within 30 days after the Scholarship Application Deadline;

      • You have passed the Technical Admissions Assessment (TAA) (12-week Intermediate Full-time Coding Bootcamp only)

      • You have passed the Admissions Interview (19-week Beginner Full-time Coding Bootcamp only)

  • Applicants who have not met these requirements are ineligible for an award, but may reapply during a subsequent application cycle after meeting the above criteria.

See FAQs for more information.


Beginning in 2023, applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis.

Scholarship Application Cycle
Apply Beginning
Application Deadline
Award Date
Target Cohort Start Dates
Open (Apply Below)
Aug 5, 2024
12-week / 19-week
8/6/2024 - 2/5/2025
Closed (In review)
May 6, 2024
12-week / 19-week
5/20/2024 - 10/7/2024

Applications close at 11:59pm Pacific Time on the Application Deadline.

While applications are always open, awardees must use scholarship funds toward a cohort beginning within 6 months of the Award Date. For this reason, applicants should make sure their Target Cohort Start Date is after the Award Date of the cycle they apply to. See FAQs for more details.

(12 or 19-week)
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